It's funny how some of my most vivid memories involve running. In second grade, we had a pen pal from the school across town—mine was a boy named Javier.  Our pen pals came to meet us, and he said "I bet you can't beat me to the fence!” "I bet I can!" I said, and without another word we ran.  I ran so fast that my feet almost got tangled up underneath me, and I spent the rest of the day with the smug satisfaction that I had beaten a boy in a race. By fifth grade, I had gotten used to not … [Read More...]

books and postage

The Story of Books and Postage

Expectations are heavy.   I remember the day when I decided to leave. It was about a month before I quit my job, and three months before I accepted a job in western Guatemala and bought a plane ticket.  At the time, though, something just didn’t feel right. When I moved out of my apartment, […]

lent week 4

Love and Cynicism

Lent Week 4 A year ago on a Sunday afternoon, I tried out a new church.  Not necessarily because I was discontent with the one I was already attending, but because I was just looking for something more I couldn’t quite put my finger on.  I wanted to possibly meet some new people that weren’t […]

2013-06-11 16.36.03

Give Up On Your Dreams

“Don’t give up on your dreams,” he said when I told him I didn’t want to be a teacher anymore. “I know,” I mumbled as I looked at my feet. The world is full of cheap advice. You can do it! Never give up! You can achieve anything! (But are these really true?) Don’t give […]



Yesterday, the lectionary text included the story of the woman at the well in the book of John.  This is a commonly-told stories, one of the greatest examples of Jesus’s character and his mission here on earth.  No matter how many times I hear this story, though, it never really loses its meaning.  Here was […]


4 Ways to Avoid Fighting the Comment Wars

I’m so excited to be featured on Bedlam Magazine today!  Check out post about the right and the wrong way to comment on divisive topics.   When I read something I disagree with, it makes my skin crawl. Sometimes it’s a link on twitter, a random search result, or an article shared for the sole purpose […]

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