It Won’t Always be Raining

I’ve been pretty hard on myself lately.

Things haven’t gone the way I wanted them to, and sometimes blaming myself is just easier.  When I am the only common denominator in a series of disappointing events, It’s easier to beat myself up than to say I don’t know why this happened.  It’s easier to blame myself than to try and understand complicated theology about God and spiritual forces and sin nature and what He allows and what just happens because we’re human.  Etcetera.  [Read more…]

This week sounds like: Ireland

I’m taking a few minutes during my stay in Greystones, Ireland to share a few photos and experiences from my travels thus far.  I’m continually amazed by the natural beauty – where we’re staying right now, you can walk right out the door to see rolling green hills and the Irish Sea.  So far, we’ve gotten lost several times (the Irish tend to under-estimate walking distances when they tell you how far away something is), and I’m thankful for the ability to ask for directions in English.  I’ve drunk about three gallons of tea.  I saw Bono’s house (or at least the front gate, which was surrounded by tourists).  I’ve climbed lots of hills.

In honor of my travels this week, I’ve included three of my favorite tracks from Irish artists.  [Read more…]

He Will Give You a Seed

“If you ask God for a tree, he will give you a seed.”

I learned this from a man named Bishop John, who was a minister overseeing several churches and schools in a town outside of Nairobi, Kenya. While we were with him, he prayed that his church would grow, and more people would be reached with the Gospel.

A few months ago, I received a phone call from a friend in the middle of the night telling me he had passed away. The next morning, I found a blog post written by a local missionary about his funeral, which was attended by 2,800 people and described as the largest funeral anyone had ever seen. He planted a seed, and the tree that grew touched the lives of 2,800 people—2,801 including myself.

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This week sounds like: leaving

leavingThis week sounds like moving on.  It sounds like airplanes and packed suitcases and currency conversions, and allowing life to change.  It sounds like letting go of the past and taking the next step, uncertain of what’s ahead.

Where am I going, might you ask?  Well, first I am going to Europe.  My grandmother was born in Northern Ireland, and my family is going to Ireland, England, France, and Scotland for a month to be tourists and to visit family.  So, my posting might be more sporadic from here on out, since I will be trekking around Europe and completely dependent on free wifi.  I suppose there’s worse problems you could have, after all.

After that… I can’t say for sure yet, but there may be big changes in store once I return. [Read more…]