We are More Than a Résumé

Before I graduated from college, I visited the career center at my university to get help making a résumé.  I learned all about action verbs and bullet points and the sovereignty of Times New Roman.  But I remember thinking not even the strongest verbs or the most nondescript fonts could make my two summer jobs and an internship look very impressive to potential employers.  I was not enough.  

My degree is in Music Education.  For a couple of years in high school, I wanted to be some kind of art major, but in the end I decided to major in something more practical.  I can always have hobbies, I said, but I wanted to have a “real job” too.  During my college application process, I heard about my school’s nearly 100% job placement rate and felt confident in my decision to go to college, get a teaching job, and work full-time for the foreseeable future.

Once upon a time, this was a realistic ambition.  You could graduate with a Bachelor’s degree (or even just high school diploma), find a full-time job, and expect to keep it for several years.  But sometime between my Freshmen gen-eds and my walk across the stage in the field house, everything changed.

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When Everything Goes Wrong

“What are you afraid of?” he said. “Don’t you trust that God has a plan?” I had this conversation with a pastor in the beginning of my junior year of college.  I had spent the summer selling over-priced vegetable plants for minimum wage while my many of my friends had landed great internships, gone on exciting trips, or gotten engaged to the love of their life. The recession was in full swing, and I was terrified of what would happen when I was no longer living my life by a course catalog. God was at work in everyone else’s life, but was he going to take care of me?  [Read more…]

This is just the beginning.

Everyone has a story. 

We start our stories on blank pages, choosing which parts we remember and which parts we forget, choosing whether to make ourselves wise or broken or funny.  We tell stories as a way of reaching out to other people and reminding ourselves that we are not alone in our experiences.  We make friends by telling stories.  [Read more…]