Teaching in Guatemala

So, guys… I’m moving to Guatemala.  It’s kind of crazy, but have you ever had a feeling in the pit of your stomach where you just know it’s time to go?  I have, and I’ve decided to take advantage of a great opportunity at Inter-American School in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

About Inter-American School

IAS is a Christian English-Language immersion school for grades K-12 in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala (also known as Xela).  It originally opened 53 years ago as an international school for local missionaries, but now serves 90-95% local students.

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About My Job

I will be the Music and Drama teacher for the primary grades, though I will have the option of teaching electives through high school.  I will be teaching the students basic music literacy and preparing them for the Christmas performance.  Becoming a certified teacher in the state of Illinois was an all-out battle against bureaucracy, but it turns out teaching certificates come in handy.  IAS is in the process of becoming accredited, and badly needed a certified teacher to fill this role.

Get Involved

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Also… (here comes my attempt at fund-raising…)

I am considered a missionary volunteer, though IAS is covering basic living expenses.  However, I am placing a handy PayPal donate button at the bottom of this page.  Donations would help me to cover initial travel and living expenses, student loan payments, and an emergency fund.

If you choose to donate, you will receive a hand-written letter from me, regular updates about my adventures, and my eternal gratitude.

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